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Ms. Alabama Platform & Projects

Ms. Alabama 2020-2024

Pageantry & program development


April 2023

Welcome to the official portfolio of the Ms. Alabama Southeastern Advocacy Project! During 2020-2024, we have been dedicated to empowering and advocating for multiple causes across the Southeastern region, with a particular focus on Alabama. The mission is to provide a platform for EVERYONE to amplify their voices, address critical issues, and foster positive change in their communities. Under the leadership of Gena D. Richardson, this project was a huge success.

As a dynamic advocacy project, we have worked to create a supportive network where everyone can connect, share their experiences, and collaborate on initiatives that promote gender equality, social justice, community development, and leadership growth.

Through various programs, events, and outreach efforts, we have inspired and mobilized people across the lifespan to become catalysts for positive transformation in their lives and the lives of those around them.

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