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Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer, The Arc of Clarke County, Alabama

The Arc of Clarke County

The Arc of Clarke County provides resources and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), their families, and the community through comprehensive and quality programming, advocacy efforts, education, and awareness, all in an effort to ensure each person affected by IDD has full rights within the community.


April 2023

Executive Director's Chronicle: Navigating the Arc of Clarke County, Alabama

Get an exclusive look into my journey as the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer at The Arc of Clarke County, Alabama. Join me in celebrating the stories, successes, and transformative moments that define the mission and impact.


Visionary Leadership: Immerse yourself in the visionary leadership that has guided The Arc of Clarke County toward becoming a beacon of support and empowerment for our community.

Program Spotlights: Explore the diverse programs and initiatives that have been implemented under my direction, each designed to enhance the lives of those we serve and uphold The Arc's commitment to excellence.

Community Engagement: Witness the vibrant community engagement that distinguishes The Arc of Clarke County, from local partnerships to events that bring people together in the spirit of inclusivity.

Advocacy in Action: Delve into the advocacy efforts that have been championed during my tenure, underscoring our commitment to advancing the rights and wellbeing of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Success Stories: Experience the heartwarming success stories that showcase the positive impact of The Arc's work, highlighting the real-life transformations and achievements of our community members.

Embark on the Journey:

This album is an invitation to explore the narrative of The Arc of Clarke County's growth, resilience, and dedication to fostering a more inclusive and compassionate community. Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey!

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