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About Gena.

As a seasoned leader, consultant, coach, psychotherapist, speaker, and occasional writer, my commitment lies in empowering individuals, fostering organizational growth, and driving global change.


With a foundation in the nonprofit human services sector since adolescence, my journey centers on human empowerment, advocacy, and leadership. Beyond the professional realm, I'm a creative explorer and dedicated volunteer, drawing inspiration from content creation and philanthropy. Guided by the life philosophy of "Take Action," I approach challenges with determination. An avid learner, I believe in the power of curiosity for continuous personal and professional development.

Having received my fair share of professional accolades at an age earlier than many, I enjoy championing change for the next generation of leaders. 


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Core Essentials.

Mission: Empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential by providing transformative leadership guidance. Through a commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and continuous learning, our mission is to inspire positive change, foster collaboration, and leave a lasting impact on the path to success.

Vision: As a seasoned leader guided by steadfast vision and strategic prowess, I draw upon a wealth of leadership, service, and professional acumen while igniting transformative change through an advocacy-based model. My vision is to motivate dynamic teams, face challenges with resilience, and cultivate innovation, fostering sustained growth and impactful contributions to the broader community. As a seasoned leader, my dedication extends to advocacy, mentorship, collaboration, and the championing of enduring values that transcend obstacles, nurturing lasting success.


  • Integrity: Spearhead an unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, laying the foundation for unparalleled trust and credibility.

  • Innovation: Drive progress through strategic, creative solutions, unleashing transformative impact in addressing complex social challenges.

  • Accountability: Take ownership of actions and outcomes with a strategic lens, ensuring meticulous resource management and the delivery of measurable, high-impact results.

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Champion diverse perspectives as a strategic imperative, cultivating an inclusive environment where every individual's unique contributions are valued.

  • Adaptability: Navigate change with flexibility and resilience, recognizing challenges as strategic opportunities for growth.

  • Empowerment: Foster environments that empower people and organizations to achieve their utmost potential.

  • Advocacy & Leadership: Serve as a voice for global change.

Leadership Philosophy: 

I lead with a commitment to igniting positive change across organizations, community groups, and the lives of individuals. My philosophy extends beyond organizational boundaries, reaching diverse community settings outward to international community groups. As a leader, I create environments that achieve organizational objectives and empower people. At the heart of my work is advocacy.

Leadership Style: 

  • As a dedicated leader, my approach is a dynamic fusion of various leadership styles, meticulously curated to meet the unique demands of nonprofit endeavors, advocacy initiatives, and empowering others.

  • Transformational Leadership (55%) infuses passion, vision, and innovation into the organizational fabric, inspiring my team to exceed expectations.

  • Servant Leadership (15%) underscores a profound dedication to prioritizing the needs of both my team members and the community we serve, fostering a culture of empathy and collaboration.

  • Democratic Leadership (15%) engages stakeholders, encouraging shared responsibility and ownership in our mission. In navigating the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofits.

  • Adaptive Leadership (15%) ensures resilience and responsiveness to challenges. This integrated approach reflects my commitment to steering the organization with vision, empathy, collaboration, and adaptability, embodying the multifaceted nature of effective leadership.


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